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Discover the Right Decoration for Your Occasion

Order bows from our craft company

Looking for a unique way to decorate a space? Create It with Kim makes eye-catching bows that look amazing in any room. We have thousands of different ribbons to choose from, so you're sure to find the right design to match your style

You can buy one of our pre-made bows or ask for a custom design. Email Kim today to discuss your event and design ideas. We are based in Texarkana, TX and ship everywhere in the United States.


Elevate your décor

From classy to whimsical, our bows come in a variety of styles to suit your event. You can get beautiful bows to decorate your:

  • Home

  • Wedding

  • Classroom

  • Holiday event

  • Birthday party

Whether you want your bow to be a permanent fixture or seasonal piece, you can count on us to create the perfect design. Reach out to us today to purchase a delightful bow.


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